Hey and the warmest of welcomes – I’m Charlotte, the writer behind The Forelock Journal. By day, I work in the operational department of a security company owned by my Dad. But do ya wanna know what I really love? Horses. I’m sure that’s no surprise. Really and honestly, that’s where my heart is at. In March 2018 I made the leap into blogging, my website went live and I wrote my little heart out to create content that I loved and hoped you will too.

My sole goal is to bring us everyday equestrian girls (and guys too, of course!) together, to share the real equestrian life; my stories, my advice, my everyday equestrian life. No matter what our horsey journey be, we all have something in common and that’s why I just know we’re going to make great friends! I’m here to share my advice and a few laughs (maybe sometimes, a cry) with you along the way.

Now let me tell you a little secret… I haven’t always had a love of horses, in fact when I was little they terrified me. Eventually, I got into riding at the age of 13 and 6 happy years later I came across the most beautiful horse I’ve ever laid eyes on. His name is Hamish and our friendship has been blossoming since 2014.

Alongside horses, which truthfully take up 99% of my time, I can’t think of anything better than going home to be greeted by our family black Labrador puppy Eva. She’s been causing a mix of mayhem, laughter and the sloppiest kisses since December 2015. Other than that, I make it my mission to enjoy the simplest things in life. Being out and about in the Sussex countryside fills me with happiness, as do Branston Pickle Mini Cheddars (it’s a serious love affair!).

Please do come on over, get yourself comfy and join me for your weekly equestrian fix. The Forelock Journal is always open to you, my friend.

Last but most certainly not least, a big fat thank you! I have been putting a lot of time into The Forelock Journal and I truly appreciate yours. I hope you enjoy our story and I already can’t wait to see you again soon.


Photos taken by the marvellous Sophie Callahan