When Life Gives You Lemons…

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade… Do not, whatever you do, have a mental break down! Really and truly, it is not beneficial for you or anyone else around you. If life is giving you all the lemons right now and you’re left with a sour taste in your mouth, which is lingering 24/7, read on – I’m here for you, friend.

Although I share a big slice of my life with you lovely, loyal followers, I’m actually quite a private person. I keep lots to myself, not intentionally, it’s just the way I’ve always been. As some of you may know, Hamish was poorly a few months ago and we went through a bit of a rough patch. To be totally honest, I didn’t talk about what actually happened to Hamish on here, or Instagram. Partly because I didn’t know what to say and partly because I didn’t know the end to the ‘story’ at the time.

Basically, to cut what could be a very long story short, he laid down on the concrete outside his stable, whilst fully tacked and tied up. 

I had a lesson that afternoon and he hadn’t felt right the day before. We’d planned to put some poles out to see how he acted – he LOVES poles. If he perked up a bit by the poles I’d know he was just a bit tired and if not, I’d decided I would get the vet out to check him over… But we didn’t get that far. I had him all tacked up and ready to go and off I went to grab my hat and gloves… on my return from the tack room I saw Hamish looking as if he was going to lie down! Before I could get to him, he had plonked himself on the floor and just lay down as if he were in his stable. Fully tacked up. Luckily, he was totally calm, pulled himself back up and shook himself off. I have to say, Hamish was far calmer than I was. 

The vet came out and checked him over and reported everything to be fine, he was fit and healthy – which I spoke about in this post. But even after the vet had checked him over the following day, there was at least a fortnight of worry for me. I worried that perhaps he was just getting old and life was hard. I worried I would have to retire him. I worried that if I retired him, he would really start to get old. I worried, most of all, that I might loose the thing most precious to me in the whole wide world. 

I didn’t deal with this very well, understandably I guess. But looking back now, knowing what I know, I know my feelings of dread and worry could’ve been halved. I am so seriously lucky to have the most fantastic support network in my close friends, who put up with me during a tricky time.

Now, in these high stress and pressure situations that life throws at us, I urge you to just open up and share how you feel. It might seem silly at the time, perhaps you even think it could be a massive over-reaction and no one will understand. But, if you don’t seek help from those closest to you, or reach out to someone who’s been there, it’ll do you no good. A problem shared is a problem halved – I honestly believe that. If you don’t open up you’ll go through a horrible situation alone and no matter what the outcome (good or bad) that’s definitely not a happy place to be.

Sure, my situation was quite dramatic and I think everyone around me understood my cause for concern, I think they were worried too. But regardless of the serious-ness of the problem you might be experiencing, it’s still a problem and it’s effecting you in some way. When it comes to horses we all have our own worries, we all have situations which we know might not be positive for our horses and it can be a tough time. Seek consolation in those around you, talk and listen too. 

Don’t forget, sometimes you need that voice of reason to rationalise a situation, to help you see the other side – come on, we’ve all been there right?! When you can only see your side, it all seems so ‘black and white’. You can’t always change that if you don’t share the load. 

If you’re going through a bit of a rough patch and you have that horrible little niggling feeling, go and chat to someone. Come and talk to me – I’m all ears. It’s something I only learnt recently, but I know it’s helped me more than I ever knew it could and hey, perhaps you could go on and help someone else too! 


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