REVIEW – Fairfax and Favor Black Regina Boots

Fairfax’s Description

The Regina boot features a low block heel with distinctive scalloped zip guard, interchangeable tassels and our signature shield. The Regina is a firm Fairfax and Favor favourite. Effortlessly glamorous it’s the perfect addition to your all season wardrobe.’

My First Impressions

Firstly the packaging… The boots come packaged in a beautiful navy box with gold lettering and boarder, it just shouts ‘luxury’ before you’ve even opened the box and looked at the boots. Even more lovely than this, there was a hand written note card with the boots to thank us and hoped I enjoyed the boots! When you make an extravagant purchase on a luxury item, it does make all of the difference when they go the extra mile and give a personal touch to their order – it was really speical!

Once I eventually opened up the box (with the angels singing in the background and a ray of light coming shining out, from inside the box) there they were, perfect and new. They just look so lovely and elegant and I knew from the moment I set eyes on them I was in love. I could tell they were well made and they had put a lot of effort into the detail. The leather on the inside was so soft and such a beautiful striking orange.

Fit & Comfort

For me, these boots fit like a glove! They are the perfect size for me to wear with a thin sock and they also fit really nicely around my calves too. I have found them super comfy. You know sometimes you have to wear in new shoes, but that’s not the case with these boots at all. I have been quite precious with them so far, so haven’t done masses of walking around in them – more just worn them out to dinner etc. but I couldn’t imagine them getting uncomfortable at all. I think I would probably wear them everyday if I wasn’t afraid to ruin them.


In my opinion, it’s hard to find a long boot that is as elegant as the Regina. They are so light and the shoe is beautifully shaped around the toe to make them look really classy and delicate. The scalloped zip guard is again another really lovely detail, it slightly reminds me of the shape of my riding boots: they just have that touch of equestrian style to them.  The tassels with their signature shield on them probably don’t need a lot of explaining, I think this is what everyone thinks of when Fairfax and Favor boots are mentioned. I have only got the black tassels at the moment, but can’t wait to start my collection of colours – just not sure which colour to pick first… Oh the hardship of first world problems! Whilst on the tassels, in my view they’re actually really reasonably priced! Once you have the boots, it’s very easy to accessorise with different tassels for relatively low expense, and I mean who doesn’t love that.


££££ – £325.00

My Final Say

I’m in love. Is there much more to say? These really are well worth the money. They are a luxury item and they’re certainly not cheap but you’re paying for amazing quality, really lovely customer service and hopefully a pair of boots to last you for a good few years (or if you’re obsessive with them like me, probably a lifetime…!).

I would love to know your thoughts on these boots if you have some too & also, please help me out with a colour for some new tassels!!


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