30 Day Sustainability Challenge Hosted by Honest Riders – Let’s Get Started!

Oh Honest Riders – you never fail to amaze me with just how wonderful you are.

It’s most definitely fair to say that we should all be doing our bit to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but how? What can we do as individuals to make a difference?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple… Honest Riders have created a 30-Day Sustainability Challenge for the month of July to help you on your way.

They’ve created a list of 40 small changes that can be made in our daily lives. All you’ve got to do?Pick 5 to stick to throughout the coming month – there really something for everyone and they’re easily achievable.

You can head on over to any of the Honest Riders social media channels or the blog on their website to get your hands on the list and start making your changes. Don’t worry if you don’t start from the 1st July either, just pick your 5 and get started.

Here are my 5 things that I’m committing to for the next 30 days and beyond…

  1. Using a reusable water bottle – I have just purchased mine from Chilly’s and I LOVE it!
  2. Organising a clothing swap party! Watch this space for more to come on this, it’s going to be really exciting and something you won’t want to miss.
  3. Buy horse care products from cruelty free brands
  4. Take a fast fashion break!
  5. Reduce plastic waste

Something that really stands out for me are the current ‘fast fashion’ trends, which are bad for both the environment, human well-being and even our bank accounts.

If like me, you’ve heard the fast fashion term buzzing around at lot recently but you’re not entirely sure what it means, let me help.

‘Fast Fashion’ Definition: Inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.

Now there’s a few small changes we can make to stop consuming quite so much ‘fast fashion’. Here’s my top tips:

Being more aware.

Increasing your awareness in fast fashion alone, will probably make you think twice before you buy. From my own experience, awareness in turn leads to subconscious changes in our choices.

Buy quality and buy less!

Buy from small businesses who produce quality clothing, particularly those who have a good ethos when it comes to their products – Honest Riders do a fantastic job, their clothing is fair wear certified, made from organic cotton and sweatshop free! As equestrians I think we naturally do a pretty good job in purchasing better quality items and stick more to the ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ thought process. So invest your money in quality products from smaller businesses, not only is it super satisfying to know that your purchase makes someone do a little happy dance, but it also supports your reduction in fast fashion.Charity Shops really are great and donating old horse rugs and tack items to local equine charities, when you can is also a really lovely way to give back and not waste your no longer needed items.

Swap Don’t Shop…

Donating to local charities is great, there are lots of horses and ponies out there who will really benefit from rugs, head collars, feed buckets or even tack item. But when it comes to your own equestrian wardrobe, what do you do with your no longer worn or used clothes?

When you’re having a wardrobe refresh, instead of binning the old and shopping for new, why not organize or find a local clothes swap party. All you have to do is take your loved but no longer wanted items along, and you can swap them for items brought by the others. For example, if you bring 5 things, you can take 5 things!

I think it’s a really good way to update your wardrobe, without buying lots of new clothes and dumping your old ones. It’s also really good fun, it’s social and you’ll be able to update your wardrobe for next to no cost!

Keep an eye out over the next 30 days for tips, inspiration and motivation to keep up with the sustainability challenge. Honest Riders will have lots of coverage, I will be posting my tips and tricks over on social.

There are some other companies and bloggers taking part too so make sue to follow the #ridersonamission hashtag to make sure you don’t miss out.

I would absolutely love to know what changes you plan to make and also any advice on the things you already do, to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

And lastly, good luck!


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