Marvellous and Funny Horse Names, As Told by You!

After the bank holiday last weekend, I felt a bit of a mid-week lull but I knew I could count on my lovely followers for a bit of light-hearted fun.

I asked you guys on Facebook and Instagram for any horses that have funny, weird or wonderful names and I was inundated with responses. I spent my afternoon reading through them all and it certainly put a smile on my face.

I got chatting to you lots of you about your horses too – I made quite a few wrong guesses about the type of horses they were based on their names; thinking show jumping thoroughbreds sounded like hairy cobs…

For those of you that missed it, here’s some of the names I was sent.

  • Grandma
  • Kimberley
  • Chingus
  • Trevor, Trev for short
  • Seven – named because they came without a ‘stable name’ and has a lovely face marking in the shape of a ‘7’. P.s I got a photo and the pony is super cute
  • Monkey
  • Mycroft – Crofty for short
  • Brad, or Bradley when he’s in trouble
  • Tammy
  • Humphrey
  • Orbit – he ran around in circles in the stable, when he was born… cute name right?!
  • Mum
  • Marilyn
  • Munch
  • Brian
  • Steve
  • Tregette
  • Eyelean – named because here eyes were uneven… haha!
  • Sausage
  • Stinky
  • Edith
  • Gigha
  • Stanley
  • Gin-Gin
  • Stumpy
  • Splodgers
  • Looney
  • Shakey – An ex racer with the name Shake On It. He shakes his top lip after treats.
  • Grumpy
  • Divitto
  • Serious – not to be mistaken for Sirius in Harry Potter
  • Gordon
  • Polly-Anna
  • Phillip – the horse I rode when in Ireland earlier this year. He was a little coloured cob and an absolute sweetheart.
  • Bernard or Bernie for short.

Thank you for brightening up my Wednesday and I hope this brightens up your day, too!