A Reflection of 2018…

1st January 2019, how did that happen? Firstly, let me wish you the happiest New Year. I truly wish you happiness, health, adventures (big or small) and success for 2019. Honestly? I can’t believe we’re here already but I do feel the beginning of a new year offers a blank page, a fresh start and a new sense of determination… well, for me at least.

I suppose I should first address my recent ‘radio silence’. December wasn’t the best month in my personal life, with that and the masses of events, parties, shopping and get togethers, I made the decision to take a break. But worry not, with December out of the way and the new year kicking me into shape, I’m so excited for all the new adventures this year brings. As I have said before, you can’t appreciate the good without the bad and the best is yet to come.

But… before we look ahead to new beginnings, it seems only right to look back over 2018, a little synopsis of what was good and what could be better next time round, because that’s what the new years all about, right?

Lets take you back to the beginning of 2018. The year set off to a strong start with my inspiration to write and an exciting adventure ahead of me, I knuckled down and The Forelock Journal was officially released into the world in March.

This little space of the internet I inhabit, has been my biggest achievement of the year. It has brought be continual happiness, surprises, achievements and I can honestly say I feel proud of what I have achieved so far. By no means is it perfect and for those of you who have been here from the start, it’s undergone a few transformations along the way.

Getting on board with the fabulous Black Nova Designs, my website was transformed and with invaluable help from the wonderful Dann at Cream Graphics my new logo was created, giving the page the new lease of life it needed (even at only a few months old). Finally, October came and we were nominated for the Equestrian Blogger of the Year Awards for 2018. Wow. I look back at this and smile. It’s the first time I have ever been recognized for something I’ve done and to have won the title means so much more than you can ever imagine, and I couldn’t have done it without you, loyal friends.

Attending Hiho Silvers, Style, Skills and Silver event at the Fish Hotel, Cotswolds was a day I’ll never forget. From the stunning surroundings and beautiful layout of the hotel – oh and not to forget the fabulous cake, the day was far more than we could have wished for. I took so much away from that day and a lot of that was ‘money can’t buy’ experiences and connections. I met so many lovely people and I already cannot wait for their next event in February.

I gained an Instragram following of lovely, loyal and kind people who have supported me along the way. I’ve made great friends in some of the people I’ve met to on there, and these relationships are so very valuable to me. The support network of lovely like minded people, has and continues to, inspire and spur me on and I hope I can give this back to others in time too.

On the Hamish front, we had quite the year of highs and lows. Qualifying for the British Dressage associated championships with Dressage Anywhere was a huge highlight of our year and a eal achievement. Sadly, due to Hamish’s poorly spell at the end of the summer (taking a lye down on the concrete and scaring us all to death), we didn’t manage to compete in the champs! Luckily, he is back to full health now, with a new fitness plan in place for 2019. We’re thoroughly enjoy hacking out in the beautiful Angmering Park Estate that surrounds our stables and he of course enjoys playing in the field, galloping around and giving everyone a run for their money, even at the grand old age of 24!

What did I learn from 2018?

I am stronger than I think.

Horses truly are THE BEST medicine and I cannot imagine my life without them.

Friendships are the most valuable thing, treasure them and make time for them, always.

I can achieve anything I put my mind to, and so can you! If you want something enough, you can make it happen.

Enjoy the journey. Don’t let life pass you by with ‘what ifs’ and regrets.


Do you take the time to reflect on the year and set yourself some new years resolutions for the year ahead? I would love to know how you kick start your new year and any plans you have for 2019. Thank you for supporting me and sticking around, here’s to another year of adventures.


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