11 Things About Hamish You Might not Know

How much I have actually told you about Hamish? There’s lots to know but I always presume I’ve already told everyone everything there is to know about him. Over time I’ve told various people different stories, snippets of information about him and I forget who’s been told what.

So I thought I’d sum up a few facts about Hamish, so you can get to know him a little bit better.

  1. This one might be obvious from his breeding but he was racehorse in his younger years. Luckily, he didn’t do it for too long and has had quite an easy life since.
  2. He used to hate people touching his ears – although I have won him round and he doesn’t mind now
  3. He has the exact same birthday as my other half, they both turned 24 on the 9th June this year.
  4. He as a little bit of his tongue missing on the right hand side (or left hand side if you’re looking at him), from an injury in his younger days.
  5. He has a very thin, wispy tail – and nothing seems to make it grow, it’s just the way it is I think…
  6. His passported name is… wait for it… Hamish. Yes, his stable name and passported name is Hamish. Nothing fancy, but hey he doesn’t need a fancy name, he makes up for it with his handsome face.
  7. He loves cuddles, really loves them. You can fuss him all day and he’ll never get grumpy and tell you to go away.
  8. But that’s a different story when he’s eating. If he’s eating he generally likes to be left alone. It’s his only ‘grumpy old man’ trait.
  9. He gets scratchy hocks and if you tie him up he’ll often reverse over to things to scratch them
  10. Hamish isn’t mine. Don’t worry, I didn’t steal him, I have him on full loan and have done for 4 years (nearly 5 now!). I am lucky enough to be able to treat him as my own and his owner Ellie is always so kind in trusting me to make decisions. We have a fab relationship and it proves that loaning isn’t as bad as some of the horror stories you might hear!
  11. He loves, loves, loves to dig up his bed and roll. This is a regular occurrence and is often accompanied by lots of moaning, groaning and grunting.

So there you go, 11 facts you may not have known about Hamish, now uncovered. I hope you enjoyed getting to know him a little better.


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