5 Things This Spring

So spring is finally here; longer, warmer days, more grass for the ponies and 24/7 turn out is in reach. Now we’ve finally made it to the end of the long hard winter, it has made me start to think about some of the things that I am looking forward to most over the coming months. There’s something good about having positive things to look forward to, it doesn’t always have to be something big. sometimes it is just having the time to think about and appreciate the small things, that makes us happiest. So enough waffling on, here’s a list of 5 things I’m looking forward to this spring.

1. 24/7 Turn Out 

So this is top of the list. Not necessarily because it’s most important but it is definitely the first thing that popped into my head! After the long winter slog of mucking out everyday, always smelling like wee and just generally feeling like your constantly doing chores, I cannot think of anything better than having Hammy out all of the time! Being able to come up of a morning, bring in for breakfast, do some poo picking and turn back out is so much more relaxing and a much nicer start to the day in my opinion. Not only that, but Ham actually really benefits from being out. He is far less stiff and not being in a, sometimes dusty, stable also relives him of that horrible old man cough. So it’s good all round – roll on 24/7 turn out!

2. Hacking After Work 

Being able to go for a hack after work will be amazing! My work hours are 8am to 4pm, so in the winter I don’t have any time to ride in the daylight during the week, meaning schooling is our only option. I love schooling and don’t find it a chore, it’s still a way for me to relax and switch off after a long day at work but sometimes you just don’t want to have to think too much and hacking is the best for that! Just being able to hop on in the afternoon and go for a pootle around the park in the sun is so lovely and it breaks up the week for Hamish a bit too – giving him a bit more variety!

3. Start of Show Season 

I really do love a horsey day out – don’t we all. Whether it is just going to help a friend at a show or it’s a big event such as Badminton or Windsor, I think a day spent with horses is a good day spent! Now that the spring is here there are lots more horsey events to add to the calendar and weekends are filled with early starts, lorry trips and burger van burgers!

4. Ham’s summer coat

This is a really simple thing but it makes me really happy – Hamish’s summer coat! I cannot wait for him to loose his thick winter coat and get his sleek and glossy summer one. He’s obviously super handsome all year round (yes, I am bias I know) but there really is something about him in summer. His dark coat is so reflective and shiny and he just looks amazing. Having Cushings has meant that his winter coat does grow quite thick for a thoroughbred and it can take him a little while to loose it but all of the brushing and getting covered in hair will be worth it for the end result.

5. Naked Horses 

Finally, I’m looking forward to being able to put Hamish out naked. Isn’t it just so nice when the weather is finally good enough to get your winter rugs washed and put away for another year. It must be quite horrible for the horses having to wear rugs all winter really, no matter how good the quality – they don’t get a huge amount of time out of them and I think by the spring they are well and truly ready to go out naked and have a good roll and a proper groom. I can’t wait to put Hamish out naked to sunbathe, roll and have a full body groom with his pals. I hope this makes Hamish as happy as it makes me!

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Hopefully this has inspired you to think of some positive things you’re looking forward to this spring, I’d love to hear from you with yours!

Thank you, as always, for catching up with me! Hope you have a great week.


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