One Turnout to Have you Covered The Whole Winter

I love rugs. It’s probably a bit of an obsession really. Every winter I am always on the look out for something new and Hamish now has quite the Premier Equine wardrobe. But actually, this year I think I have everything covered and it is possible to just have one turnout rug for the whole winter. Yes, you heard me right! Just one turnout rug to have you covered for the whole winter – if you want to know how, read on…

Premier Equine have a great range of rugs and I have to say I haven’t been let down by them yet. They are made with a really durable outer material, making them less prone to ripping and they are totally waterproof too. Speaking from experience, I can also say the premier equine rugs are really breathable and could definitely be worn overnight in the stable too. They fit very well on Hamish, coming up with plenty of room around the chest and long enough to cover his bottom, with no rug-rubs – even by the end of winter. They have detachable necks which also come in different weights and a fab hi-vis detailing at the front and back so you can find them in the dark! But above all of this, what makes them so great, is the fact you can attach rug liners underneath to increase the weight of your rug. For example, you can buy the 100g turnout rug and also buy 100g, 200g, & 300g liners, which can change your rug from a light weight to a heavy weight without having to have multiple turnouts, which are a complete nightmare to try and store.

If your thinking of going with the Premier Equine complete rugging system, keep an eye out for their daily 20% promotions, as often you can get a bit of a bargain. I usually wait a week or two before I buy something, as it usually comes on offer and I can save a few pennies. My tip would be if you sign up to their mail list and you’ll be informed of their deals straight away.

I honestly think this is the way to go for winter rugging. It is so handy to not have to store so many turnout rugs and its really easy to swap and change the liners to ensure you’re horse has the correct weight on day to day. I have a 100g turnout and also a 0g turnout from Premier Equine and it is nice to have both in the winter, so you always have a dry one but essentially you could make do with one turnout for the whole winter! It also means less turnouts to be sent off for rug washing too, which is a bonus! To be honest, the turnout inner lining tends to stay relatively clean, its more the liners that get a bit dirty during the winter months and they’re super easy to pop into the washing machine.


I hope this has been useful and can give you some shopping inspiration for your winter turnouts this year. Do any of you have a favourite rug brand or any rugging tips for the winter? I would love to know!

Please note, this post is not sponsored or endorsed by any of the brands mentioned. All opinions and thoughts are from my own experience. Photo credit for the above photos goes to Premier Equine. 


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