The Perfect Autumn Day

Long, crisp, sunny, morning hacks, pub lunches, dog walks, fussing over Hamish and back home for a cup of tea and a film on the sofa…

I love autumn. The weather is still nice enough that you feel you want to venture out of the house, the countryside is a sea of orange and the days are starting to drawn in a little which makes for the perfect cosy night in.

I’m a morning person and I love nothing more than getting up at the weekend and going out for a lovely long hack. The estate park near to us is quieter this time of year and it can be so peaceful when you get out early morning and ‘beat the traffic’. We have so many beautiful forest and woodland hacking trails, with lots of options; twists and turns, lefts or rights. I make the most of those hours, enjoy the nothingness, the peace and quiet, the calm.

After a long ride on a cool but sunny morning, what better way to warm up than to head to the local country pub for some lunch; sitting by the fire with my favourite drink, the other half and our little black lab Eva. I love taking Eva to the pub with us and it wouldn’t be the same without her. It’s lovely to just relax in the warmth of the pub, with my favourite people.

Of course, what better way to work off lunch than to go for a lovely long dog walk. Eva is always full of beans and she loves to be let free to run around the countryside. It’s the time of year where you can don your jackets, scarfs and matching hats and enjoy a countryside walk in all its glory, feeling all wrapped up and cosy.

Finally, to end the day, its back to see Hamish before the sun sets for the day. Bringing him in from the field for a cuddle and kiss before dark, when he goes in for his tea. I often spend time faffing around up there, just spending time with him. He’s such a time waster but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Then it’s home, to get cosy and comfy on the sofa, with a cup of tea and a good film.

My ideal autumn day…

What would your perfect autumn day be?


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