My Autumn Essentials

Want to know what I can’t live without this autumn? Well you’re in the right place. Here’s my essentials, my go to’s, to get me through the autumn.

The first thing that sprung to mind was base layers, I really can’t live without them now. I know they started to make a big appearance across the equestrian brands last year and they’re brilliant. Even on a cold day, once you’re riding you soon warm up. They keep you warm enough and are also quick drying, so as horrible as it sounds, when you get hot and sweaty they dry up super quick and stop you from getting a chill when you stop. They are really comfy and act as a great layer under jumpers and coats.

Another ‘must have’ would be my insulated riding boots. I have the Ariat Bromont insulated boots in black and they keep my feet so toasty. I don’t think I could live without them now – especially if you’re out on a long hack, you don’t end up losing all feeling in your toes half way round.

I love a snood and they are much more appropriate for riding in than scarfs, which can be quite dangerous to be honest! I have a premier equine navy snood, it has a knitted outer and fleecy inner and I love it! It’s perfect for mucking out in the morning, riding in or just generally whilst your milling around up the yard. Also, not that I am anyone to be giving style advise, but if you team it with a bobble hat in a matching colour you can actually look quite put together!

A good lip balm. Being outside so often and also going from a lovely warm office into the cool air doesn’t do any wonders for my lips. I always carry a lip balm with me and apply it regularly, although you have to be careful not to get horses hairs stuck to it whilst grooming and giving you horse kisses – this is a genuine problem I have to deal with regularly. I really rate a Nivea or Clarins lip oil for anyone interested.

May I also add, there a few other things that are essentials for autumn, they include: visiting a pumpkin patch / display (our local one in Slindon is amazing), pumpkin carving, hot chocolate with all the trimmings, warm candle lit bubble baths, red wine, I mean the list goes on…

What are your autumn essentials? I’d love to know if there is anything that I need to get my hands on this autumn!


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