Hamish’s Autumn Must Haves

Hamish is relatively low maintenance and this means I don’t have any great feats to go to get him ready for the reason change. But there is a few things that I would highly recommend for your horses this autumn.

Now Hamish is in at night I suddenly have a stable to muck out and prepare every day. Actually, as much as I love the ease and speediness of poo picking I really enjoy doing Hamish’s bed. I find it quite relaxing and satisfying making it look pretty and cosy ready for him to come in each evening. Now, I have made the recent move over to shavings from straw and my goodness does it save me some time.  I just pick out the poos and tidy up the bed in the week, doing a full muck out at the weekends.  Let me tell you, Hamish is certainly not the cleanest of horses. He loves to dig up his bed and roll and he can move around quite a lot in there, dispersing his poos across the entire bed – so shavings was always a ‘no-no’ due to cost and time. But I heard about Snowflake Softchip bedding and it is super. The wet stays at the bottom, it is dust free and really easy to find the poos and relay the bed. I stock up on my bedding, getting a months’ supply in at a time, so it is ready for me to put in as and when I need.

I think this time of year 0g and 100g rugs are perfect and a wardrobe must have for our horses. Hamish is a thoroughbred and so I am rugging up at night but he’s a relatively warm horse and I try not to over rug him based on my temperature!! I have the Premier Equine turnout rugs in 0g and 100g and they are equally as useful. I keep them out in my stable all the time at the moment as they are my go to’s. I also think a 100g stable rug and a fleece are handy too. The weather is changing so much at the moment, one evening its 12 degrees, the next its three! So I think they would be my top picks to keep to hand.

The right feed. I think it’s so important to make sure we’re feeding our horse the right thing and the right amount. With Hamish changing from 24/7 turnout to being in, I have had to think about how much hay he needs and also about the feed he gets. More detail on this is actually going to be covered on another Blogtober post, so I won’t bore you too much more with it now, but I think getting feed right at the beginning of winter stops you having to play catch up with weight gain, weight loss, calmers and supplements to fix problems that you would potentially prevent in the beginning.

Without making a list as long as my arm, these are my real autumn must haves for Hamish. Plus lots of cuddles and kisses too and being tucked up warm every night! He is quite enjoying autumn so far, he is still out naked most days which is lovely and the sun is still warm enough to warm their coats during the day. What are your autumn must haves?


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