Top 10 things I Love About Autumn

  1. The colours of the leaves – the beautiful burnt orange colours of the trees and sea of leaves that fall onto the ground
  2. I love going to Slindon to look at their pumpkin display and buy a few pumpkins, maybe this year I will make some soup or something with the pumpkins too, instead of just carving them out!
  3. Cooler weather. I do enjoy summer days but I actually prefer wrapping up and I absolutely love a walk in the woods in autumn. You can put on your winter boots and coat and a matching hat and scarf and your set!
  4. Bringing the horses in. Don’t get me wrong, it’s so nice for the boys to be out in the field 24/7 but there is something lovely about bringing them in for the night and wrapping them up in a cosy stable for the evening.
  5. Cosy pub lunches after a morning hack. Oh there’s nothing better! Lovely crisp morning ride, followed by a warming lunch in a pretty little traditional country pub, need I say anymore…
  6. A wardrobe change. I love getting my autumn clothes out of the wardrobe. All of the base layers can go back on and the gilets come out. I love autumn fashion.
  7. Hamish’s soft, fluffy and velvety winter coat. Oh it’s just the best. His coat isn’t very dense but it does get super fluffy and soft and he looks like a big teddy bear – there’s nothing better.
  8. A freshly clipped horse. Yes, a bit of a contradiction to the above, but there’s something really smart about a freshly clipped horse, out in their exercise sheet on a cold morning. I even think it shaves a few years off Hamish (pardon the awful pun!).
  9. Hot drinks. Any kind, from coffee, tea, hot chocolates, there’s nothing better than a well-deserved hot drink. I don’t enjoy them in the summer, it’s all iced coffee and fresh juice but there’s nothing better than warming up with a lovely hot drink on a cold day. I love a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, but I have to admit they sadly aren’t a regular occurrence, sadly my budgeting doesn’t allow for a daily £5 coffee.
  10. No more flies! Thank goodness for autumn and the cooler weather, good bye flies. They’re a real pain in the summer and how lovely is it to be able to walk into the field and grab your horse without being surrounded!

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