What am I Feeding Hamish this Autumn

Thoroughbreds and winter don’t often go hand in hand. They are notoriously hard to manage and I know some people have a real struggle on their hands to keep weight on. However, Hamish is a little gem and handles the season change quite well. Now Ham is in, he has a hay net each night (with about 6kg of hay, this can vary depending how long he may be in, he often still has some left in the morning) and he is also fed on Spillers feed.

He has a breakfast and a dinner each day and he’s fed on Spillers feed. Before I move on, I would just like to say how helpful Spillers are, I enquired online and filled out all Hamish’s details and explained what I was looking for from the feed and they came back to me super quickly with their recommendations, on the type of feed and the quantities he would need.

Hamish is fed on a high fibre conditioning chaff and their slow release energy cubes and this has kept him at a good weight and given him a high fibre diet, with enough energy and low sugar. The cubes give him the energy he needs to keep up with work all year round. He also has his supplements which are the same all year round; Global herbs airways and Hack Up Joint Plus Supplement. You can read more about these here – https://www.theforelockjournal.com/lifestyle/owning-a-veteran/

As the winter goes on, I may add in some SpeediBeet to bulk up his feed a little. I did this last year and used half a back through the whole winter, so I don’t get through a lot but I think it is sometimes nice to just give him that little bit extra when the grass starts to disappear and it gets colder.

What do you feed over autumn / winter? Does your horses diet change to accommodate the weather and forage differences?


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