Feel More Beautiful and Less Bedraggled

I’m sure you might be wondering if you’ve still come to the right place… Worry not, you’re still on your familiar equestrian blog The Forelock Journal but this weeks post has a bit of a twist, but hopefully one you’ll enjoy nonetheless.

With winter in full swing, I’m sure we’re all feeling the vitamin D deficiency and spending our days waddling around in layers upon layers of unflattering coats and fleeces, mud up to our knees, hay in our hair and dry, cracked lips for good measure.

Don’t you feel it’s hard to feel even remotely glamorous at the moment? But if you’re like me (a bit of a ‘girly girl’ at heart), then you’ll appreciate how much better you can feel with just a little revival of daily routine.

Let’s delve into the realms of girliness and fully embrace a little bit of a ‘me time’ pick me up, to help us feel glowy and warm, from the inside out.

I know when I’m covered in mud, have unnecessarily large patches of hay attached to my fleece or smell similar to Hamish’s stable, I can have a little bit of solace in the fact my nails look pretty… Yes, I thought that sounded a little superficial too, when I wrote it. But I know it’s not really. It’s just a small something I know makes me happy, and hey, why not embrace that.

Here’s my 6 things to help you rejuvenate and reset your inner ‘girly girl’ this winter, because we equestrians can be beautified too…

Clarins cleanser daily

I’ll admit my guilty pleasure is a love for all things Clarins. I adore their skincare and it adds a little bit of luxury to everyday and makes me feel a little bit special. Also, it has this wonderful way of making my skin look instantly glowy and revived, leaving it smooth, moisturized. If you have a special skin care favorite, I say, go treat yourself to your little winter pick me up, it’ll be so totally worth it.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

If you’ve ever heard anyone talk about this product, I can almost guarantee you, it was something good, am I right? And if you haven’t heard about this yet, you sure will want to.

It is a savior, my holy grail product for dry lips. A little bit of luxury with the bonus of being an absolute die hard favorite product, that really does what is says it will. In fact, it’s pretty much a miracle cream for just about any skin related ailment. Being out doors in the cool air so often and actually, the harsh contrast of the warm cozy office, really make my lips dry and its just the worst. But this 8-hour cream works a treat, its like nothing I’ve ever used before and I think I will forever have a supply of this wondrous miracle cream where ever I go.


I’m generally found at one of these places / doing one of these things; at the stables, working in the office, walking the dog in the countryside or drinking too many cups of tea at home. But whichever place I am, a little bit of jewellery always cheers me up, makes a plain outfit a little bit more special and if it’s Hiho jewellery, it perfectly handles the everyday equestrian life with ease. Not only is their jewellery stunning, but when I am at the office it is also a little subtle reminder of my equestrian roots…

Gel Nails

I rarely have the time nor the spare pennies to have my nails done regularly, but if you have a special occasion, a birthday, a holiday or just feeling like a little winter treat, a gel nail manicure is a true winner for me.

Still with the practicality of your real nails, because false nails and horses are a real faff (or at least, for me they are!), but without the struggle of chipping – your nails will stay looking beautiful for 2 weeks. Why not treat yourself.

Pop to the Beauticians

Just a month ago I went and had my eyebrows waxed for the first time in forever. One, can I just say, why didn’t I do this sooner? Leave it to the professionals, that’s my verdict. Not only did they do a lovely job, I had a relaxing 10 minutes of lying down and doing nothing but I also felt like even without make up on, that I just looked a little bit more put together.

Really simply, really inexpensive and a nice little treat.

Run a hot bubble bath

Take some time of an evening to run yourself a lovely hot bubble bath, add in some bath oils, light a scented candle, grab your current favorite read and you’re all set for a relaxing evening of ‘me time’ and when you step out of the bath your skin will be glowing and silky soft.

For good measure, once your out of the bath and into your coziest PJ’s, spray a little of the This Works, deep sleep pillow spray onto your pillow. Not only does it smell like spa, you’ll drop straight off to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

How do you like to make yourself feel a little more put together? Is there any little things you do, day to day, as a pick me up over the winter? I really hope you enjoy trying out some of the things from my list and enjoyed a post with a slightly different theme, this week!


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