Put it to Bed – Our 15 Minute ‘Put to Bed’ Routine

Sometimes, just sometimes, us equestrians actually have a life and have somewhere, other than the stables, to be of an evening. Perhaps a dinner, a cocktail and a catch up with friends or even just an appointment with a steamy hot bubble bath and a glass of prosecco… If you’re anything like me, then going to the stables to put your horse to bed could take at least an hour, sometimes more if I get distracted. And, lets face it if you have plans, the last thing you want is be rushing around and getting hot, sweaty, covered in hay, straw, mud or horse poo!

Want me to let you in on a little secret of mine? It is possible, to put your horse to bed and be gone in 15 minutes. Yep, you heard me right, 15 minutes and there’s no magic involved, in fact its super simple! Want me to fill you in on all my top tips? All you have to do is keep reading…

It is all about the morning. Make sure you’re not snoozing your alarm to have those extra 10 minutes in bed. Make sure you’re up in plenty of time to get to the stables and do your jobs. This means, mucking out and bedding down, haynet in, refreshed water and even making your feeds. This way the stable is totally ready for your four-legged friend to hop right in. If you make your feeds up too, all you’ll have to do is water it down and pop it in!

The other thing I find really useful is to check the weather for the night and get your bedtime rugs out and either fold up on the floor of your stable of hang over the door, ready to swap out when you bring in. Sounds like a small thing, but it can really save you a precious 10 minutes! Also, for those of you who also bandage their horses of a nighttime, don’t be lazy! The temptation in the morning is to whip those bandages off and leave them in a tangled pile of doom (we’ve all done it). But it takes literally two minutes to roll them up and leave them all ready to put on – try it and see how much easier your evenings are. In fact, I bet you, you’ll never leave them unrolled again!

If you really want to make things speedy, but you’re a neat freak like me and can’t bear to put your horse to bed muddy, then pop on some turnout boots and a rug with a neck (weather permitting) and you’ll just have to pick out feet, give them a quick brush and you’re done. Of course, if you don’t mind putting them to bed muddy then this won’t be an issue for you and carry on as you are. Then pop their feed in the stable, give them a kiss good night and you’re a free person. Go and enjoy you’re evening – whatever exciting plans you may have in store.

I really hope this has been helpful; just a few simple tips to make life easier. And hey, even if you don’t have anywhere to be, they might still make your evening straight forward, leaving you more time to enjoy riding or just spending quality time with your horse! Please do let me know if you’ve put any of this into practice, did you manage to break a personal record and put to bed at super speed? And as always, if you have any top tips, I would love you to share them with me.


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