Tack to Me

Tack. No matter what the discipline, we all have the same common factor. It comes in various forms and each is specific to its own role; whether that be in show jumping, cross country, dressage or the western world! But what does ‘tack’ mean to you? Perhaps one of the following might spring to mind:

  • Saddle
  • Bridle
  • Martingale, neck strap, breastplate…
  • Taker of all hard earned money

But let’s strip it back and really think about the definition of tack and what it allows us to achieve. When I really think about tack, I think about the fact that it allows me to go on beautiful long hacks through the countryside, it allows me to school my horse and dabble in a bit of online dressage, it allows me to have a connection with my horse, to enjoy each others company as a partnership, finally and also quite importantly may I add, it allows me to be able to ride because lets face it, without it I could probably just about walk with out wobbling off the side or dying of discomfort from Ham’s high wither!

So I think it is fair to say that I’m quite fond of my tack. As I wrote this sentence I smiled to myself because I thought, ‘Hamish probably thinks quite the opposite about tack’. I would imagine if you ask Hamish what he really thinks about tack, his answers would be something a little like this…

“Mum’s walking back from the tack room with that saddle and bridle again” [runs to the back of the stable, head down standing quietly, hoping he’ll be forgotten]

“Oh dear lord, she really wants to put that stuff on me again?! It’s the third time this week and it’s only Thursday.”

“Well, at least it is the GP today, hacking will be okay I suppose.”

“Oh no, oooooh no. She has the dressage saddle out. She means business. Bloody hell, that other lady is here too, the one that does all the talking and seems to be the instigator of the hard work.”

Actually to be honest, Hamish quite enjoys his work. For an older horse his mind is so active and I think he thrives off of the activity, the challenges and the adventures.

So essentially, yes, tack is tack but when you really think about it, it’s more than just that. It allows us to do what we love, whatever that may be.

What is this tack related post for, I hear you ask? Well the wonderful Haynet are working together with Equestrian Co, hosting a competition this August for one very lucky blogger to win one of their tack trolleys. The entry to the competition? This post all about tack! I hope you enjoyed it, it’s something a little bit different on the Forelock Journal. A huge thank you to Haynet and Equestrian Co for giving me something different to talk about on the blog this week & good luck to everyone else who entered.


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