We Qualified for the Championships!

So, some of you who have read my older blog posts will know we had been working hard with our dressage; entering the Dressage Anywhere Prelim classes, in the hope to qualify for their British Dressage Online Associated Championships. Well, as you can tell from the title this post, we did just that!

I was absolutely over the moon when we got our third qualifying mark, it felt like a real achievement and it was something we had been working hard towards over the last few months. It made a change to have a bigger end goal in our sights, it definitely kept us on track with our test riding. We required three marks of 60% or more to qualify and it was good to be able to enter three tests and get some really valuable feedback in-between.

Before I move on, I have to give some serious appreciation to the very lovely Ruth from Dressage Anywhere for hosting these types of events. There is a lot of us out there that can’t necessarily get out to shows, whether it be for transport, younger horses, expense, nerves – so to be able to have the chance to not only compete from home but also qualify for an associated championship with BD is such a special opportunity and one for which I am so grateful.

Onto slightly sadder news, Hamish had been a little poorly. At the end of August, he started to feel a bit down and under the weather, just not really himself. Without boring you all too much with the entire story (and making myself feel sad, I have to say it’s not something I want to relive anymore), he was checked over by the vets and given the all clear. He is in really good health and the vet even commented that “he trotted up like a 5 year old” which was rather a compliment in Hamish’s eyes! He has been having an easy time since, and well deserved I may add. He’s in two days work a week, with just half an hours gentle walking until the end of September. Hopefully by then he will have perked up a bit and with no explanation from the vets, I am putting his little turn, down to exhaustion and old age!

As much as I hope Hamish will get back to full fitness and enthusiasm to school again, I’m not sure yet whether we will be able to enter the championship. But we’re taking each day as it comes and whats that saying? Never say never. Even if we don’t get the chance to compete in the champs, the fact we got there is great and such an achievement for us both. I still wanted to share the news with you as I know you have been following us along on our little dressage journey and I wouldn’t want to miss documenting such a highlight of our year so far. Having only really found my love for Dressage over the last year or so, it has been fascinating to learn so much and I have really enjoyed every minute of it. I urge you to go out and aim high for something, because when you achieve it you’ll feel great.

It’s funny, the quote ‘its not the winning, but the taking part that counts’ really does ring true. It’s the taking part, the journey, that’s the most enjoyable and satisfying part of any goal / competition / project. I hope I always remember this, because it’s so easy to forget to enjoy the process, as well as the end product.

I would LOVE to hear if any of you have achieved some of your goals this summer! Whether its competing or just with a project you’ve had at home, please share your stories with me, I would be so interested to hear all about it and celebrate with you.


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