You know you’re horsey friends when…

Some of my absolute best friends, are the ones I have met through horses and what would I do without them! Our little group consists of  the four of us and we do everything together, from dinners, drinks, grooming/supporting each other at shows, going on horsey days out and I couldn’t think of better people to do it all with.

We all went to Katie’s engagement party recently and after a few aperol spritz’ we had a ‘serious moment’ and a little group huddle (you know, kind of like the footballers do when they have a team talk?), and realised how lucky we all were to have met – as cringey as this may sound now, in the sober light of day, it really is true.

Horses are a huge parts of our lives and we have to have people to share it with! Lets face it, the ‘non-horsey’ people either don’t really get our odd obsessions or just don’t always want to talk about horses (and don’t get me wrong, we need those friends too!). Take a moment today to thank your horsey friends for being great.

Here’s a little bit of fun to brighten up your Monday. You know your horsey friends when…

You arrange your dinner and drinks plans around the horses bedtime

You’re late home for dinner for the 5th time this week, because you got chatting at the yard again

You get up at the unsociable hour of 5am, to accompany them to their shows

You have a WhatsApp group specifically for your horsey chats

You all fall asleep on the sofa by 11pm, after dinner and drinks

You buy two bags of carrots, one for your horse and one for theirs

You Say “..he was so naughty today, he kept trying to get me off…” and they know exactly what you’re talking about

If you have any other funny answers to finish off this sentence please let me know – I would love to hear them. I hope your week has started off well and here’s to a productive one *toasts glass of Prossecco in the air, to all of my lovely readers & friends*


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